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Sunaina aggarwal

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I feel privileged, today to introduce myself and to present my work before you.......

I am Sunaina Aggarwal, the pranic healer a perspicacious, resourceful professional with genuine interest in development of individuals, curious, key to enigma, devoted to the mission of spreading light and eternal love with one and all....... . Want to spread love and light. the light that leads to evolution, happiness, comfort and so on. Keen in development of masses. With the blessings of the Divine spark, Supreme God and my Master, I am working as a successful English trainer and as an active PRANIC Healer. The knowledge of numerology lights my way to success and leads me to intellectual decision making. My inclination towards Dance, drama and music adds interest and energy in my life ........... Facilitating learning and writing (for self) has been my passion. I enjoy making learning experiences memorable for my learners and take every opportunity to learn.

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Arhatic Yoga Retreat,
Feb 2011
is happening at Parkland exotica, Delhi, India .
All AY's are welcome, Come and join.
4th - 8th Feb, 2011


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