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Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an energy healing technique. Our body is actually composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy body called the energy body or aura. The visible physical body can be seen and touched. Our aura is that invisible luminous energy body, which interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it. Traditionally, clairvoyants and energy healing practitioners can see this energy body the etheric body or etheric double.

What Is Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or life energy and the chakras or energy centers to heal diseased energy levels. The healing process involves the manipulation of the patient's chakras, and aura. It has also been called medical qigong, psychic healing, vitalic healing, therapeutic touch, laying of the hand, magnetic healing, faith healing, and charismatic healing........... We the human race is engrossed in feeding our physical and mental body but, I believe, it is equally important to feed our spiritual self...... For the same, With the blessings of the Divine and our Guru Let me take this opportunity to introduce Master, The founder of Pranic Healing. A Filipino of Chinese descent holding a degree in chemical engineering, and a successful businessman, Master Choa Kok Sui was the human manifestation of our present day desire for profound personal and spiritual transformation from an old unacceptable life to a new exciting future. He zealously projects the principles of pranic healing, arhatic yoga,clairvoyance and other esoteric spiritual teachings into the larger social context of healing the environment and the society. Before entering into the profession of healing, Master Choa was a chemical engineer and was based in Manila, Philippines. However, continuous effort of hard labor and dedication has established him as one of the frontier healers of the contemporary world. A popular message that he always addresses to the mankind-if I can learn to heal, you also can learn to heal! Anyone can apply these simple techniques............ Pranic Healing - A Clean Aura Indicates Good Health Founder of the world pranic healing foundation, grand master Choa Kok Sui divulges the secrets of abundant health More...

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Atma namaste! Basic Pranic Healing Class Calendar:- May - Dec 2018

Coming Basic Pranic Healing Course is on 12th -13th May, 2018


                       Month                Weekend Dates.
MAY 12th - 13th
JULY 7th - 8th
AUGUST 18th - 19th
SEPTEMBER 15th - 16th
OCTOBER 13th - 14th
NOVEMBER 3rd - 4th
DECEMBER 8th - 9th

Course fee. Rs 6000/ 7500 for freshers.

Reviewers Rs 3250.

Course duration : 16-20 Hours.

Contact number : 09810266631.

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