Pranic healer(WPHF)

Sunaina aggarwal

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Pranic Healing

"May these ancient teachings kindle your interest in the inner science and help you grow spiritually. With love and blessings!"

In continuation to what is pranic healing?

       Pranic healing is both an art as well as science. Art because it requires skill and patience, it is interesting and creative. Each person is guided by its higher soul. It is a way of achieving illumination.

It is miraculous. It gives us plentiful knowledge. It is a way of living in peaceful harmony with each other on this earth. It is extremely powerful. It teaches us truth, and guides us in its very colourful light. It is the knowledge of energy, and the energy system.

How it works?

It helps us in minimizing our difficulties of life by making our problems small-smaller-smallest and enhances and increases our receptivity towards optimism and happiness. Thus, making the good times the most powerful and even longer. Pranic healing is the understanding of the energy system in such a way that we are able to welcome its very positive side and absorb it thoroughly, fully and completely and at all levels. And on the other side it helps us extricate, externalize and disintegrate all the negative part that exists in or around us and in others, as well! We learn to recognize these energies and use these energies effectively in our present lives and lives to come.

Pranic healing is science also; we can say this because...... through its vibrant, dynamic and divine system we are able to understand the biology of human beings as well as other living things and creatures. We are able to observe the aura of each and every person every being clairvoyantly, we are able to study it and treat it, the best way we can possibly, if there's need. For the same we understand the human body( anatomy), human biology at the energy level and alongside we also get to understand the human psychology, the human system.

We can cure people for any problems they face at the physical body level (diseases); mental level ( psychological ); emotional level (relationships- misunderstandings, clashes); spiritual level (dreams- feelings- vibrations- sensations); finance related (promotion, money loss); or other and can even heal them for any trouble or difficulty they will have to face in the future, observing their aura clairvoyantly.

One of the most peculiar characteristics about pranic healing is that, once we start receiving these healings we feel most comfortable, we do not have to think about medicines at all. I am not saying that stop taking medicines or there is no need of medicines once you start healings done for yourself. But, you can easily cut these medicines down, by and large a good deal. And if the disease is not a major one, then, you can completely do away with your medicines. However, it is said that healings can be taken as supplements and you will yourself discover the speedy recovery and its other immense benefits.

Disclaimer:  Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but to complement it. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor or a Certified pranic healer.

In this system, Meditation is the most sacred and the most powerful. Everyday we take bath to clean our physical body; what about a system that provides you with spiritual bath. Oh, it's a wonderful experience!

It cleanses, energizes and heals you automatically for anything and everything. It's a divine experience. It's like covering your naked soul with spiritual clothes. Thank you master for everything.........

The bonus benefit,.......... Pranic Healing enables us to maintain a close contact with our higher soul and the Supreme God, and as a result of which we are always completely protected, guided, blessed and helped by them directly. This is something we all crave for.......... from the very beginning.......... till the end. Isn't it?

Pranic healing is completely an experiential experience. I have received a lot from learning this omnipotent, completely divine, merciful and beautiful healing system. It has changed me Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Financially and Spiritually.................... for the very positive. I am more stable in my thinking, quicker, smarter and witty in approach. I have a better physical health. I am emotionally very strong now, which is a dream come true for me. I have improved greatly where finances are concerned and nevertheless, spiritually too reaping immensely. I have grown, am growing and continue to grow by the blessings of them all above me. So be it!

It's multifold spiritual experience!

once you learn it and follow it and begin to reap, the much awaited..........then you will yourself be in a position to evaluate its greatness and abundance. And you too will say that its benefits in comparison to its fee structure are more valuable rather priceless.

All I can say is that.......... It's more complete than this word itself..........

In continuation to my work and service, I invite each one of you to personally come and experience the Miracles through Pranic Healing and the righteous form of meditation as guided by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

It is important that these teachings and these techniques should not be misused to harm or dominate other people. It is not the right thing to do and the karmic consequences can be extremely server.

So be it, So be it, So be it